Morgan Road Office

Morgan Road Office

  • <p>Northern Montezuma Wildlife Management Area Project Office</p>
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Welcome! You have found the field office for the Northern Montezuma Wildlife Management Area.

Northern Montezuma is made up of 8,500 acres of public land, and is one of 85 Wildlife Management Areas across the State. These public lands add up to over 200,000 acres in NY… and are purchased and managed by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation for the enjoyment of wildlife and wildlife-related activities.

You’re at the former Malone Farm and at the north end of a 6,000 acre stretch of organic or ‘muck’ soils that run along the Seneca River and Erie Canal all the way down to the NY State Thruway and the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. These lands were wetlands historically, then drained for farming, but now have been restored back to wetlands. Today, these wetlands are managed for environmental quality, wildlife protection and production, and public enjoyment.

Common birds seen at this location include Purple Martin and American Kestrel in the nest boxes. Bald Eagles are often seen perched on the dead tree down the lane to the Seneca River - as many as 15 have been seen at one time. During spring migration this site can provide memorable looks at thousands of waterfowl, especially Northern Pintail, American Wigeon and teal. In the Fall, this area provides excellent waterfowl hunting.

The main parking lot can provide excellent winter viewing of Short-eared Owls and Northern Harrier. There is a cartop boat launch and small parking lot on the Seneca River down the gravel dike to the east. There is also an elevated parking lot down the gravel road adjacent to the Gray Barn which provides a good southern view over the Crusoe Creek drainage.

You can download a map of Northern Montezuma and the Wetland Complex. Maps are available at the kiosk near the office building.

There are also websites available for more information – especially the DEC's Northern Montezuma page and And, please feel free to stop in if we’re around.

We’re glad you discovered our “OnCell” feature and through it, we hope we shared some information

about Northern Montezuma that makes your visit more enjoyable. Be sure to watch for other OnCell sites on Northern Montezuma that are coming soon, and visit our partner to the south - the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge.