2. Wildlife Drive

Wildlife Drive

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You are about to embark along the Wildlife Drive!

Please note that the Drive opens annually on April 1st, weather-depending, and closes December 1. You are welcome on the Drive from ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset. The Drive is for motor vehicles only.

Walking access for the Seneca Trail and Summertime Bike & Hike Trail is located next to the heron sculpture in the Visitor Center Parking Lot. Note that the Summertime Bike & Hike Trail is open during the summer months only; dates will be posted on the sign at the junction of the Seneca Trail and Wildlife Drive.

Please follow these Rules of the Road for better viewing and visitor safety:

  1. While you are on the Wildlife Drive, please stay in your car. There are several areas along the Drive marked with a brown and white binocular sign indicating that you can get of your car at that point. Always stay with your car; parking and then walking along the Drive or Bike & Hike Trail is not permitted.
  2. Stay in your lane. While you may pull off to the side of the road for viewing, do not pull onto the stone-dust summertime bike & hike path
  3. Do not leave the trail; access to the water, dikes, fields, etc. is prohibited.

Depending on the season, you have a chance to see several species of ducks, marsh birds, shorebirds, eagle, osprey, and other birds of prey! Muskrat stay busy in the pool spring through fall; white-tailed deer are most likely seen right before dawn and dusk; and a lucky visitor might see a mink!